Demo 2014

by No Saving Grace

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released September 3, 2014



all rights reserved


No Saving Grace Västerås, Sweden

hardcore/beatdown band from sweden est. 2013

jesper - vocals
tobbe - guitar
kribba - bass
david - drums

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Track Name: Deadbeat
days go on seem to never end
born into a race we lose then we're dead
pushed so close to the end of the line
they say it gets better just give it some time
you come to terms with your strife
can only dream of a better life
sentenced to a lifetime of shame
swallowed whole by selfishness and pain
not a thousand efforts in this world
could pull you up from the abyss
easier to hide from the truth
when ignorance is bliss
face buried deep in your hands
no one but yourself can understand
no matter who takes the blame
the fact remains the same
you will never escape yourself
your life is headed down your own dead end
no matter who takes the blame
the fact remains the same
you will never escape yourself
your life is headed down your own dead end
the fact remains the same
Track Name: Misjudgement
you're fooling yourself with these lies you spread
wanna change the world into the world in your head
all your life you've had the upper hand
so you point the blame at victims of circumstance
broken spirits with hearts so strong
seen the depths of life withstood it all
at the end of this road despair is what you'll find
no second chances just warning signs
you think you know you have no clue
can't see beyond your point of view
can get things straight but choose not to
eyes wide shut to what's around you
to you it's all fantasy
the burdens we carry with our families
believe what you want to believe
but it's not the reality that i see
Track Name: Skin Deep
approval from you i don't need
i'd rather see you beg on your knees
you crossed the line like you got something to prove
but i don't want anything to do with you
skin deep friendship that's all you had to give
time heals nothing can't forgive can't forget your treason
forever stuck in the same old ways
you won't realize until it's too late
years go by but you still don't learn
now you're losing count of all the bridges you burn
the bonds you share are soon forgotten
abusing friendship scraping at the bottom
now you're forced to live with your own disgrace
because the time has come to take the blame
you're nothing but a leech
sucking the life out of me and the company i keep
there's nothing left to say
i'm done with you and the games you play