On The Bottom

by No Saving Grace

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artwork by Christoffer Damberg
recorded/mixed/mastered in our rehearsal space


released March 28, 2015



all rights reserved


No Saving Grace Västerås, Sweden

hardcore/beatdown band from sweden est. 2013

jesper - vocals
tobbe - guitar
kribba - bass
david - drums

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Track Name: Inner Peace
i've been trying so long to get my head screwed back on
because nothing feels right
and the thoughts i hide keeps me up at night
another hypocrite in a world of shit
in a place i don't belong
i can't move on and i can't look back
and the joy i felt is gone
tossing and turning, my sanity fades
put to earth to hurt and be hurt the same
i can't live with the choices that i have made
and i'm willing to burn if there's no other way

i feel dead to the world
broken beyond repair

i guess i'm better off keeping it all inside
and hope for better days, something i still can't find
tried to lock the door, leave it all behind but i failed

my regrets are eating me alive
Track Name: On The Bottom
alone on the bottom i stood for years
caught up in my own chokehold, holding back the tears
dreams get shattered and efforts subside
feels like im wasting time by just being alive

i've been tormenting myself
with thoughts of how life could have been
a better place is out there but i'm still lost within
still searching for excuses for how i choose to live
the pain i've put myself through no way i can forgive

i'm staring myself blind at my flaws and mistakes
spending my whole life trying to escape
can't seem to find a way to cope
and as i look around my life feels like a joke

all the better days are too far gone
and my fate is something that i know i can't outrun
but maybe i just care too much
i should have closed my eyes as i saw my dreams get crushed
Track Name: Guilt Trip
time and time again you ask yourself why you are this way
and where you went to get where you are today
now the tears of the ones you let down is clouding your mind
everyone you know are the ones you left behind

where you really who you claimed to be?
it's all bullshit that's how it seems to me
can't you see the truth?
how does it feel to know how weak you are?

given so much to put yourself at ease
it's never enough to feed this disease
they loved you more than anything
but your acts turned their love into hate

you took everything but you never knew
that all you robbed me of was my love for you

you turned your back and left me for dead
still can't forget all the words you said
when you look back you'll understand
you threw away the only hope you had