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by No Saving Grace

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erik "Eken" Lindberg at Ljudkross
Vocals recorded by Joel Gustafsson
Artwork by Jacob Bondesson


released October 13, 2019


all rights reserved



No Saving Grace Västerås, Sweden


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Track Name: Mirror Image
So much gone wrong
Long after past mistakes dissolve
New struggles fills my mind
Reflecting a life I've left behind

This world resents me for the things I lack
This world rejects me there's no going back
No longer able to slip through the cracks
My second nature turns into setbacks

Still confined in this deep end
Real bleeds into what's pretend
Mistrust I see in your gaze
Sends me into disarray
All I feel is deception
Black clouds filled with resentment
All I feel is indifference
Alone with my mirror image

What you seek is not always what you find
You can reach the point when you're out of time
Stress consuming my whole life
Lose your way before you question mine
Track Name: Hands of Time
In dreams memories replay themselves
I let myself drift away instead
Shunned and alone because I'm down and out
But with isolation comes fear and doubt

Introspective part of me detach me from reality
Distress is what I feel but what you see is apathy
Something disconnects me from the world
No matter what I say I can't put it into words

I'm going through the motions again
This endless absence of meaning
Restless and suffering
Witness me crumbling

There's a war inside my heart
It's like I'm breathing a straw
Always losing my train of thought
The hands of time tear me apart
This emptiness I feel inside
Has become a part of my life
All I see when I close my eyes
Are things I always try to hide

Perpetual solitude
I never win I always lose
Can't bargain with fate it's no use
Same outcome every path I choose
Track Name: Kept in the Dark
Hardships passed on and on
Echo chambers of the forlorn
You found solace through a substance
That poisoned your future and conscience
Burned spoons and broken windows
Group therapy to cope with sorrow
Lost in the corners of the world
Where love and suffering merge

The way that it was much worse than it seems
All I could hear was footsteps and screams
I can't blame you for what you did on your own
God found you and showed you the way back home

I used to follow your footsteps
Now it's always the opposite
In hindsight you were complicit
The product of a broken spirit

My skin crawls when I remember
I was kept in the dark but it gave me shelter
Learned so much living under pressure
Perception changed through desperate measures

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